Journey to the West
CHaINA magazine ( writes for supply chain practitioners and executives actively involved in providing services to and finding solutions for companies involved in supply chain management. CHaINA is the first magazine ever produced dedicated to covering global supply chain management issues from a China perspective. CHaINA has quickly established a reputation as the 'must-read' magazine for key decision-makers in global supply chain management.

The September/October 2007 issue of CHaINA magazine focuses on an in-depth look at building safer supply chains in China. Included is an article titled “Journey to the West“ written by Kong and Allan on page 10. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“The consideration of developing operations in the West is a long-term strategy that can greatly impact the entire global supply chain. There are certainly short-term benefits in fixed asset and labor costs, but these must be quantifiably measured against the additional costs incurred, short and long-term profit margins, and the benefits of incremental improvements in current operational processes. Developing in the East may have been a challenge. The stress put on operations at the time was probably quite taxing. If preparation for new operations in the West are not given adequate preparation, those forgotten memories will return and pressures on current operational processes will be even greater. Without a plan, the future is uncertain.“

To read the complete article, please follow the link to the PDF version.